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KREDO is the new generation Learning Platform by Tesseract Learning that
provides learning courses in short nuggets that best suits the leaners’ needs right for
the moment, taking into account the business criticality. If we dive deeper, right from
the ideation of KREDO 2 years ago, the focus began with the term Micromodules.
We then wanted to create a journey and right then Microlearning was what we chose
as the road ahead. This was, is and will be with an intent to help Authors break
learning content into crisp, short, targeted, focused, bite-sized chunks with the sole
purpose of engaging learners. Though it was the primary intention, as KREDO
evolved, reinforcing information and knowledge retention also became an
inseparable add on. KREDO increases the learning outcomes, helps solve unlimited
questions, and swiftly gets your queries answered. Permission and access rights are
always a point of debate but when KREDO was launched, they were the core
questions we wanted to have answered for every organization adopting KREDO. To
cap it off, we are the best cost-effective Learning Platform in the world.

KREDO empowers a novice to turn into an Author with unimaginable creativity. The
rapid authoring capability with an intuitive course design palette, is as simple as
working on a PowerPoint deck. Collaboration and a community-oriented social
learning is key today which is amazingly possible through discussion forums. If you
have an in-house LMS or an Analytics Tool, then rest assured on how APIs we
define seamlessly integrates the KREDO engine to your in-house technical
framework, the outcome being in-depth data output that you can further slice, and
dice as needed. KREDO’s assessment framework and gamification templates that a
learner goes through also has a powerful remediation engine. In other words, an
incorrect answer triggers a quicker measure to rectify the same. We are aware of the
‘Forgetting Curve’; hence memory boosters help in as needed knowledge retention.
 A learning path that’s robust, structure and even flexible to change is a matter of a
series of countable clicks in KREDO. Our canned report’s objective is what any
enterprise needs, clubbed with the ability to create custom reports gives a unique
reporting engine within KREDO. Finally, where KREDO stands apart and toe-to-toe
with technology is that we have an architecture ensuring that the platform is always
learning, setting the stage for implementation involving AI, ML and VR.

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