Organizational Purpose: What does L&D have to do with it?

Chief Advisory Officer

Imane's experience, expertise and passion lie in helping people learn and grow. From the last 12 years, she has been designing and facilitating unconventional and bespoke approaches to learning and development. With WDHB and as Chief Advisory Officer, Imane leads a team of L&D innovators and connectors, working with global clients who strive to make learning a highly strategic trait of their organization.

Imane's goal for WDHB to become the most thoughtful, forward-thinking, inventive and original player in the industry. To that aim, she leads WDHB's product innovation and design team, ecosystem and partnership team, as well as WDHB Lab, the research and thought-leadership arm of the organization. Additionally, she oversees WDHB's new L&D Consulting branch, providing custom advisory services to its customers.

Imane holds a degree in Business Management at HEC Paris, with a major in E-Business, and a PhD in Innovation Management at Paris Dauphine University. Having lived in Morocco, France, Spain and the US, Imane speaks Arabic, French, English and Spanish fluently. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading, yoga and tries a little writing now and then.

Connect with Imane

LinkedIn: Imane Terrab