Resilient Leadership During Times of Uncertainty

President & CEO

Sunil is a corporate executive turned serial entrepreneur, bungee jumper and passionate bridge-builder across geographies and industries. He is the President & CEO of WDHB, a global pioneer in applying experiential approaches to strategic and organizational transformation.

Sunil holds degrees as certified accountant in multiple countries and looks back on a corporate career working 25 years for French, Japanese and American companies across the world. His truly global business experience includes living and traveling in more than 75 countries as a senior executive managing cross-functional teams worldwide. Thanks to his international biography, he has a deep knowledge of various cultures, understands what it takes to be successful indifferent environments and has learned to appreciate and respect people from all walks of life.

After successful years in corporate roles, with his resulting expertise in tow, wanting to make a difference following his purpose, Sunil established an independent firm providing advice and solutions in business transformation and process reengineering. In 2010, he acquired WDHB, the world leader in Learning Expeditions for executives, as a complement to the back-end focus. While orchestrating the evolution of WDHB into the first-choice partner for any organization seeking change in culture, performance and innovation, Sunil has found a platform to apply his cross-cultural expertise and engaging facilitation style to the intense and intimate work with international leadership teams in extraordinary situations of reorientation.

Sunil strongly believes that the current VUCA environment with its exponential changes and profound disruptions calls for a new paradigm of agility inorganizations. In this constantly evolving world, a human-centric people strategy is the ultimate differentiator in defining success. His mantra is to keep it simple and take ownership of your actions and decisions.

Sunil is a regular speaker at conferences on strategy, innovation and transformation for companies across the globe. He is a passionate facilitator of WDHB’s tailor-made Learning Expeditions. When not traveling for work, Sunil is an avid reader and a lover of sports, following his path as a former professional soccer player, certified coach and referee.

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